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So You Want To Be A DMC Producer…….


So You Want To Be A DMC Producer……

Over the years, since DJs started to mix, Technology and DJ know how, has developed in leaps and bounds. More and more DJs want to progress to the production side too. You can always believe that a track can be more than it is. There are so many great tracks that can cleverly sequenced with other tracks and become sets in their own right and magical floorfillers to boot!


DMC started to do just this from the early days with Alan Coulthard, Les Adams, Steve Anderson, Mike Gray, Brian Butler, Peter Slaghuis and literally hundreds of DJs that took the “next step” into production. All are or have been “household names” or dare I say “Legends In Music”. DMC coined the phrase “Megamix” exemplifies the use of “The Remix” and blew the whole industry apart with great “Bootleg/DJ Cut Up Mixes”. It was an evolution taking music to the next level and evolving the next great sound and dance genre. DJs became Producers and Superstar DJs playing to stadiums and taking nightime radio to a different level too with mix sets and sessions to thrill listeners and dancers alike with household names like Pete Tong,

Carl Cox, Roger Sanchez, Todd Terry and thousands and thousands more in every country around the World.


Decades ago, youngsters asperations were to be Doctors, A Policeman and Policewoman, join the Fire Service or drive a train BUT, things changed, party goers emerged, clubbers in their droves – the DJ became a credible option for many in

Clubs, Radio, Mobiles and more – The DJ / Producer IS right up there!


Here at DMC, our questions are……..

Are you the next level aspiring DJ?

Will you be the next DJ/Producer remixing some of the greats and Producing “The Next Big Thing”

or will you even be “An Artist” in you own right?


The computer era with fantastic ever expanding software, has taken the music industry by storm adding to the “live aspect” with DJ creativity in knowing a good sound when they hear it.

Can you develop?

Can you push yourself so far that YOU become part of the next evolution in the music of The World?


Calling All DJs….. send your mixes, remixes, booties, monsterjams and DJ Sets to DMC using to and see where YOU can go. Don’t forget to add a tracklist as tracks need to be cleared for use and maybe labels too. You can even send original productions to DMC too as Stress Records is again becoming a force again. We’ve just had our 30th Anniversary with Stress Records and FBI Records and DMC is 39 years young in February next.


Are you up for it?

Can you prove you have got what it takes?

Big things grow out of small acorns………… send you mixes now to DMC to – preferable WAVs but 320s are fine to.