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Producer: Steve Anderson

Meet The Producer

Steve Anderson and Brothers In Rhythm and Mixbusters

My first mix on DMC was “Relax (The Megamix)” as one half of The Mixbusters with my partner Jason Davies. We had been submitting mixes for a while on cassette but when we got a good reaction from Paul Dakeyne on this one, we were lucky enough to do an overnight session at a local radio studio to get it done properly onto quarter inch tape.



My favourite DMC mix has to be Sanny X’s remix of “Into The Groove” as at the time I had never heard anything like it!

The editing was superb and I was a huge fan of Latin Rascals who did a similar thing. Also, I loved Ben Liebrand’s remix of “Lets Wait A While” by Janet Jackson – as he added a gorgeous sax solo.



After getting a job as studio tea boy for my mentor Paul Dakeyne, I was so lucky to live in the toyshop that was the DMC studios with all the incredible multi tracks from so many huge artists coming through the building every day. I often say it’s where I learned how to make records by listening to the individual components that made up the stems from people including

Jam & Lewis, Trevor Horn and Chic. After The Mixbusters broke up I was remixing/producing on my own and also a part of a new duo – Brothers In Rhythm with Dave Seaman who worked upstairs at MixMag. We quickly got into commercial remixing with artists like Michael Jackson and David Bowie which led to production work with Pet Shop Boys, Take That and Kylie who we worked with on her deConstruction album, including writing and producing the single “Confide In Me”.



We had the most brilliant time there and when Brothers In Rhythm came to a natural end, I carried on producing and writing for artists but had continued to work with Kylie as her Musical Director for live work and producer/co writer for some projects including “The Abbey Road Sessions” and “Kylie Christmas”, amongst others. I am still her Musical Director as well as for Steps, Westlife , Leona Lewis, Marisha Wallace and Louise Redknapp.



I am forever grateful to DMC and everyone who worked there for the priceless apprenticeship I received and to Tony for showing such incredible faith in the young talent that he spotted and allowed to fly.