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Producer: Stef Konstan

Meet The Producer

Stef Konstan

I started to get interested in DJs at a very young age, around the age of 12. With my savings I quickly bought turntables and a mixer. I spent whole days practicing mixing and scratching, dreaming of one day being able to participate in the DMC World Championships, I never had the necessary equipment to be able to do it.


Passionate about remixing, every month I impatiently awaited the release of DMC previews and its exclusive songs for DJs.

My favourite DMC remix is Kool & The Gang by Les Adams – The Throwdown Mix.


I became a Resident DJ in a club at 18, after 20 years of career, I decided to create my own party concepts and to become

a DJ Guest. With my producer Evasion Live, we are now producing my concepts in all the clubs in France, as well as in Switzerland and Spain. We also do a lot of outdoor scenes at summer events.


In 2014, I received the “Golden DJ” trophy during the Festinight, a professional event that brings together actors from the French nightlife. In 2015, I made a remix of the french version of the disney song from Frozen – Idina Menzel ‘Let It Go’ which  became a big hit in all French clubs. I am currently still a DJ Guest and now a member of the DJs DMC team, which I am extremely proud of because this institution really means a lot to me.