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Producer: Philippe Costes aka Mixcoast

Meet The Producer

Philippe Costes aka Mixcoast

I first entered DMC Mixing Championships in the 90s and I was producing with Wilfrid Debaise  (President of DMC France) and a daily mix for a Paris French radio station name “Voltage FM”. These minimixes were very successful and one of them

“The Summer Kool” was released on the DMC Commercial Collection 173.


My real name is Philippe Costes, but as there was already a DJ Kost at DMC Belgium, Wilfrid Debaise gave me the producer name of Mixcoast as I was producing many, many mixes (a new mix everyday for the radio station).

I was producing mixes for  French radio stations and some in the Netherlands, I was also playing in some clubs in Paris area. I I didn’t appear again on DMC until Robert Jansen (aka Roaxx J) and Ivan Santana, who I had close contact with, told me to send some mixes to Peter, and finally, I was back on board again with several mixes!

DMC is a great team and I have many contacts with my friends Maik Schafer, Ray Rungay, Marco Oude Wolbers, Dj Sies and my partner Stef Konstan. We share our passion about mixes, and thanks to the social networks, reminisce over legends like Alan Coulthard or Paul Dakeyne & Les Adams.

Some of my favourite DMC mixes are the Dakeynes’ with New Order ‘Reordered’ and Yazoo ‘Re-Situated’ and mostly, the Billy Ocean Megamix by Sanny X. Everything is in there! Best transition, great edits and amazing effects, especially as there were

no real computers, only early samplers at this time, and they added crazy ideas including movie samples and more!

I have the whole vinyl collection and continues to listen the mixes of these legendary producers which still inspire me in my mix work to date.

No more nights in the clubs due to lockdown but, I still produce mixes for the radio stations and daytime,  I manage sales people in a road transportation distribution network. This job leaves me enough time for music!

I hope the story will continue with as many amazing mixes as we have enjoyed since 1983!