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Producer: Marco Oude Wolbers

Meet The Producer

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My name is Marco Oude Wolbers, born on the 1st of May 1971 Oldenzaal / The Netherlands.

I have always been a big lover of music and especially of the 12 inch remix since 1985. The first 12 inch I bought was

One Way’s ‘Let’s Talk’. Every week I would buy a new 12 inch from pocket money I got from my parents.

That year I started also to listen to the Dutch Radio Tros. Every Thursday they broadcasted THE SOUL SHOW (1900 to 2100) presented by Ferry Maat (a Dutch DJ who is a legend in the Netherlands). In his radio show every week there a mix item THE BOND VAN DOORSTARTERS. Every week a home made mix was broadcasted and that’s how I fell in love with the megamix.

In his show there was also the DUTCH DISCO ACTION TOP 20. The 20 best Disco hits sold that week were played.

Often Ferry broadcasted a 12 inch version or a DMC MIX from a track in that list. So I got familiar with DMC.

The first remix ever I remember hearing was one of Ben Liebrand’s remixes of Kate Bush ‘Running Up That Hill’. He had also a mix show in the night on Dutch Radio Veronica.  Ben is my hero. I’ve followed him now for four decades and I think he is still  best.

Because of the love for music and the 12 inch and remixes, I decided to give it a try and make a mix my own. I started in January 2016 with my first attempt. Starting with Ableton 9, I found a Facebook Group ‘ABLETON UITLEG’ (How does ABLETON work?). With a lot of help in that group I learned the simple basics of Ableton and I finished my first mix in April 2016. It took me weeks and many hours to create my first mix, it was a great success. A week after I finished that mix, it was broadcast on Dutch Radio 10 – Somertijd – Rob van Someren. At the start of the weekend on a Friday evening at 1800 hours, they broadcast a home made mix every week – max 6 minutes long. Every week another mix from another mixer.

Since I started mixing I have had 18 mixes on the Dutch Radio 10 and several mixes on DMC sets, nearly 40 to date.

The first mix ever was on the Commercial Collection DMC431 – DEC 2018! How cool, my first mix broadcasted on Dutch Radio and released by DMC. One of my proudest mixes is Robbie Williams Vs Kraftwerk – Rudebox Vs Technopop  on DMC 424 – MAY 2018 later included on The Classic Mixes : I Love Kraftwerk.