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Producer: Les Adams

Meet The Producer

Les Adams

Les had been a professional DJ since 1979 and was one of the first DJ’s in the UK  to adopt the beat matching form of mixing. He was taught to mix by American DJ Greg James who was an understudy of Ritchie Kaczor, the resident spinner at New York’s legendary nightclub “Studio 54”.

In 1983, Les sent a demo mix tape to DMC, and Tony Prince invited him to join their select production team creating mixes that were played by thousands of DJs worldwide. He became know as Les “The Mixdoctor” Adams due to his ability to mix anything he was asked. In addition to his studio work, he wanted to share his knowledge of mixing and ran DMC’s DJ school.

His work in the industry was getting noticed by the major labels, and Les was approached by A&M records to remix “Stomp” by “The Brothers Johnson” which went on to be a huge hit record and established Les as a hit remixer.

Les was responsible for one of the most popular megamixes of the 80s, The Kool & Gang Throwndown Mix. Originally a ‘B’ side, it was re-released several times due to demand and became one of the first mixes to achieve commercial success.

When DMC was approached by Stylus Records to create a commercially released mix, Les was chosen to undertake

2 of the mixes (With Paul Dakeyne working on the other 2). The quality of his productions meant Les was commissioned to create more commercial mixes for artists such as Luther Vandross, Aretha Franklin, Jaki Graham, Sinitta and Gloria Gaynor.

But Les wanted to create music, not just remix it. So in 1987, he was signed as a recording artist to A&M under the guise of “LA Mix” after creating a demo that had ben made in his 8-track home studio, 

Les was a successful DJ, a fantastic producer, a talented musician, a brand ambassador for Denon, but at DMC we’ll always remember him for being a really nice bloke. Even at the height of his success, he was still grounded and had all the time in the world for family and friends.

We miss him dearly.