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Producer: John Farrell – Sound Of Faz

Meet The Producer

John Farrell aka Sound Of Faz

I have been producing under the name ‘Sound Of Faz’ for over 15 years. The production name on the one and only vinyl I had pressed that contained 3 of my two-trackers around 5 years prior to this was ‘Faz Productions’ (you can still find this on discogs)

I had my first release with DMC in 2006, it was a mash-up of Uniting Nation’s ‘Out Of Touch’ with the vocal from Destiny’s Child’s ‘Lose My Breath’. Since then I have been a regular contributor with 46 releases on DMC to date. I have been a dance music DJ for even longer!

I always loved the mash-up scene and before I started producing used to listen to Guy Garrett and Rod Layman’s mixes and be amazed by how well 2 completely different tracks from different genres could fit together so well. Once I got my head around making my own, I started sending them to DMC. Inevitably I then progressed onto remixing too and have had lots of remixes released with DMC.

I have had a lot of commercial success in the past 12 months with official remixes released of tracks by Eliot Kennedy and Rednex (of Cotton Eye Joe fame!) I also had 3 downtempo/chill tracks signed to the mighty Blanco Y Negro Music label

Other highlights of the past year include producing the music for a stage version of Peter Pan and finding my love for DJ’ing again after digging the decks out during lockdown. I now have a weekly Radio Show on Mixcloud every Friday and have done countless live streams and recently was invited to do a stream with Free2dance events whom work closely with the likes of Rob Tissera and Matt Bell.

I do a lot of different things musically and like the variation it brings me.

DJ wise I am most definitely flying the flag for trance as it has always been my chosen genre and my last 3 radio shows have been 2 hours of trance anthems in the mix as opposed to the normal pop, rock, remixes it normally consists of.

Future aims are to carry on pushing the trance vibe and getting involved with various retro/90s events to get back behind the decks in front of a crowd and to continue to produce for DMC along with getting some of my half-done trance tracks finally completed and released!