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Producer: Donovan Dahmes

Meet The Producer

Donovan Dahmes

Donovan Dahmes was born in 1974 and lives near Amsterdam.
In 1986 he was inspired by an interview with Ben Liebrand on Dutch National TV where he explains how the Grandmix 1986
was made and demonstrate this in a TV studio.
After that moment, Donovan began to listen to other mix programmes on Dutch radio and started to collect 12 inch vinyl.

In the late 90s he started mixing on a PC using tools like CoolEdit Pro and Acid Pro.
Although the mixes were not very successful, it was the start of Donovan’s career and brought him to what he does now.

“Since 2019 I’ve been making mixes for the Dutch radio station Radio 10 and for Gerard Ekdom’s programme called ‘Ekdom’s Funky Music Trip’. These mixes consist of about 16 tracks from the 60’s to the present and are funky & disco related.

In addition, for I make a mix of an hour with an enormous diversity every month: from rap to house and from pop to disco – everything is allowed.”