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Producer: DJ Sies

Meet The Producer

DJ Sies

DJ Sies is a well known name in the DJ world. For more than 25 years DJ Sies produced many of mixes,

re-mixes and music productions. With his own signature style of sound and creativity he knows what it takes to create high end productions. Beside his own productions DJ Sies did several production collaborations with other DJs and musicians.

Even with this history and production legacy, DJ Sies still produces new mixes, re-mixes and music productions which can be heard on several radio stations and internet music portals on the world wide web. Feel free to take a look around on his page and be amazed by his huge portfolio of work.


Ever since DJ Sies came in touch with Radio in the early 80s he fell in love with that style of music, and couldn’t leave his cassette tape recorder anymore. He just had to hear these songs over and over again all the time and then in the end he went to buy them on 12 inch vinyl. After hearing mixes back in 1982 a destiny was born. Sies felt he had to learn to do this by himself. With that in mind Sies bought 2 turntables, a mixer and a reel to reel recorder. He started to cut the tapes with his own creativity and there it was his first mixtape. Later on his set was expand with a lot more equipment, and in the end Sies had a complete recording and producing studio. That was also the moment when the first requests came in for remixes of songs and Sies started to make Yearmixes. And even now he still makes these remixes.


.. And, who doesn’t know the “Rosimix” ? (Ro was taken from the name Ron Bunschoten and Si from Sies). Their mixes got played on about 33 radio stations and gave their name instant fame.In 1983 Sies and Ron started to Dj in clubs.

The first years only in the Netherlands but soon they expanded their area to Germany, Luxemburg and Belgium. They also did several guest DJ appearances when they were asked to play their own productions. Sies and Ron made the track called Freaky Funky Feelings which was picked up by a producer. This led to serious studio time at the Studio Europe near Brussels. The track got released by Arcade.


Sies never stopped with his biggest passion of making mixes and remixes. In that time Sies made his remixes under the pseudo name “Mastermind Sies” and Groove Control through the 90s. Nowadays DJ Sies also makes Re-edits mixes of 80s Dance Classics, mini mixes and full hour mixes which are played on several radio stations. Just to name a few:,,, (Costa del sol), trendfm, radio centraal, radio stad den haag, isla106, and many many more.



Some of the remixes DJ Sies made,

Womack & Womack – Love Wars (DJ Sies Remix)

Whitney Houston – Thinking About You (DJ Sies Remix)

Sly Fox – Let’s Go All The Way (DJ Sies Remix)

Anita Ward – Ring My Bell  (DJ Sies Mix)

Atlantic Ocean – Waterfall (Dj Sies Remix)

Cameo – Word Up (DJ Sies Remix)

Ed Sheeran – Shape Of You (Dj Sies Remix)

Full Force – Alice I Want You Just For Me (DJ Sies Remix)

Gary’s Gang – Knock Me Out (DJ Sies & DJ Duke Remix)

Geraldine Hunt – Can’t Fake The Feeling (DJ Sies Remix)

Madleen Kane – Rough Diamond (DJ Sies Remix)

Montana Sextet feat. Nadiyah – Who Needs Enemies (With A Friend Like You)(DJ Sies Remix)


SNAC – Covid 19


SNAC (pronounced so as to rhyme with SNAP) is a new remix and production team combining the skills of two well-known DJs, DJ Sies (Naipal) and Alan (The Judge) Coulthard.  ‘Covid 19′ is their first production, and is a clever combination of various samples over a pounding backing track, in particular, a sample of U.K. Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, saying Covid and a sample from ’19’, the number 1 hit by Paul Hardcastle.  ‘Covid 19’ also contains samples from Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s seminal classic from 1984, ‘Relax’, further samples from Matt Hancock and some sound effects.


Alan (The Judge) Coulthard is widely regard as one of the pioneering DJ/mixers from the wonderful disco era of the late seventies/early eighties.   He invented the Megamix 40 years ago in 1981 and has done Megamixes for Michael Jackson (B side to the number 1, Earth Song in 1995), Janet Jackson (B side to her ‘Black Cat’ classic (number 1 USA in 1990) and Wham ‘Club Fantastic Megamix’ (Number 15, UK pop charts as an A side in 1983).


He also started a Megamix craze in France in 1989 with his Boney M Megamix, which reached number 1 in the pop charts as the A side in 1989 and this was followed by a Village People Megamix, which reached number 4 in the pop chart. Subsequently, he completed the well known Mel and Kim Megamix, which was successful in Europe,  He also did many remixes for legendary artists such as Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin and Sister Sledge.  


His most well-known remixes are probably his remixes of Amii Stewart ‘Knock On Wood’ and ‘Light My Fire’ in 1985 and his remix of DNA featuring Suzanne Vega ‘Toms Diner’ in 1990, a remix which attracted the interest of Simon Cowell before he became famous, and led to Simon commissioning Alan to do a remix of Sinitta’s ‘Love and Affection’.  


After a period away from the music industry, he returned a few years ago with the charity record Living Without Prejudice, ‘Stronger Together’, a cover of the classic song written by Pete Waterman and Mike Stock and first recorded by Sybil in 1993.  The cause was to raise money for LGBTI people in Chechnya who were and still are being persecuted because of their sexual orientation.  The cover reached number 1 on I tunes in November 2017 and is still played today.


Alan has also had a number 1 on I Tunes with SCAR ‘The Message’ (summer 2016 – SCAR is Alan plus Rob Sainsbury).  And his SCAR remix with Rob of Donna Summer and Barbra Streisand ‘Enough is Enough’ reached number 3 in the US Bilboard Dance charts in early 2017.  


Alan also does remixes/mashups under the names High On Life and The Judge, and he is currently working on a High On Life album, in addition to working on various SNAC projects with DJ Sies.