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Producer: Bernd Loorbach

Meet The Producer

Bernd Loorbach

The start of Bernd Loorbach his mixing career was inspired by my role model Ben Liebrand. It all started with Bernd (+headphones) sneaking downstairs to listen to his first Monstermix live on air at two o’clock in the middle of the night. This was still at his parents’ house in the year 1983.

When Bernd heard his technical skill on the radio (which was unmatched at that time), Bernd knew then and there that this was what Bernd wanted to do too. Bernd started to practice every free minute he had. At some point, Bernd started to develop his own style, his own identity. The first national success came fairly quickly with a couple of national radio broadcasts. The first one already in the year 1986, on Avro’s Driemaal Doordraai (Bernd was only 16 years old at that time). 1989 was the year of Bernd’s breakthrough on the TROS Club Mix, hosted by Martijn Krabbé. From that moment on, Alex and Bernd were on the map.

For Bernd, the real work began in 2004 when Bernd started producing and remixing tracks. In 2006 Bernd won a worldwide remix contest hosted by DMC (Disco Mix Club). From that moment on Bernd was a part of the Disco Mix Club. Bernd is a member of the DMC (Disco Mix Club) production team and his mixes are released regularly on the monthly Commercial Collection CD’s. Some mixes were released digitally but a lot of mixes were released on CD. As ‘Project X’, ‘Bernd Loorbach’, ‘Dirty Ztylerz’ and ‘Forza Beatz’ Bernd remixed a lot of great tracks.

Kind words from Bernd very good friend Alex Giacomini