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Producer: Bergwall

Meet The Producer


My name is Raffe Bergwall, artist name Bergwall, and I’m a DJ and music producer from Sweden and a proud DMC producer. Disco Mix Club has become important to me in 2 different ways and at 2 different times.


I’ve been a DJ since the vinyl age and I discovered dance music early. In June 1985 I got my first package of DMC records and I held on to my subscription for over a decade. Every month where like Christmas and I still got every issue.


My first visit to London was in 1987 and I spent my days looking in every record store for House Music on 12″ and went clubbing every night. When I got back home, with 40+ records – I wanted to start my own House club, but it took almost 1 year until I found a nightclub that gave me a chance.


We started Wednesdays in the spring of 1988 and continued for 2 years. We were the first House Club in the south of Sweden, but some say it might just be the first in the whole of Sweden. My 40+ records, imports from the UK, and a monthly package from DMC made it all possible.


Fast forward to 2014 and I got my first production released on DMC. My mash-up with Avicii and Men At Work.

I can’t describe how happy I was having my name on a DMC collection like many of my heroes. Heroes like Sanny X, Dakeyne, and Les Adams. It was like I’ve been chosen for the Hall of Fame or something!


Perhaps now 150-200 productions for DMC later – I can without a doubt say that DMC has played a big role in my career both as a DJ and producer. And I got a lot to thank DMC for.




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