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Producer: Alex Giacomini

Meet The Producer

Alex Giacomini

Alex started his mixing hobby in 1988.

At school, Alex met Bernd Loorbach. Alex was already listening to mixes on the radio. Bernd also mixed and taught Alex the mixing skills. Together Alex and Bernd made several mixes for Dutch radio under the name The Homeboyz. They got that name from Martijn Krabbe. The meaning: 2 friends mixing at home. It started in 1989 with the TROS Radio – TROS Dancetracks (Tros Club Mix 1989 – 1992). Hosted by Martijn Krabbe and Peter de Mooij. They also made several mixes together for Ferry Maat Soulshow (Bond van Doorstarters Mix) at Radio Veronica. Other radio stations followed such as Radio 10, Slam FM and Radio 538. 

Later Alex started making mixes under his own name but also under the name Di Giacomo.

Mix idols are Ben Liebrand and Peter Slaghuis.

Favourite DMC mix is the 80s In the Mix Volume One – mixed by Bernd Loorbach.

Alex’s first mix at DMC was in August 2013 (DMC CC 367 AUG 2013 – 90s Floorfillers)