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A Monsterjam is a continuous mix up to 80 minutes. Multiple tracks skilfully mixed into a scoundscape of themed music.

On CD it has individual ID-es for ease of access and multiple angles for creative mixing. Our original Monsterjam prequal were Ben Liebrand’s Grandmix sets of which there are three on DMC from 1988, 1989 & 1990. In 1991 DMC coined the phrase “Monsterjam” and so this huge series was born! Every year in November/December since, there has been a year monsterjam depicting the greatest hits of the year all in one place and over a single or double CD, digital too. We now do a single

“Mid Year Monsterjam” and a monthly “Chart Monsterjam” plus hundreds of other themed monsterjams for events and genres. Instant massive catalogues of mixed music for so many occasions. This gives the DJ and venues a more “complete” soundscape of music at the start of a gig, for peaktime playing and be there for emergencies and even going to the bar for a top up tipple! Instant themes by genres, event themes and totally up to date. Over a year for instance, Chart Monsterjam,

like all the other Monsterjams, is an almost complete collection of the biggest hits of a year, only topped by the mid and end of year sets that we’ve all grown to love since 1988!