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Made By The Best Producers In The World For Your Listening Pleasure


Our Producers have been the backbone of the DMC Mix creations since 1983. From Legends to Newbies alike, DMC took the DJ to another level putting the DJ to the fore and making them the centre of attention in every venue around the World with great mixed and remixed music!

DMC Members waited with baited breath every month by their post boxes for the most amazing mixes to drop through their doors at the end of every month.

Then, lo and behold, DJs started to use their gifted crafts to include huge “wow factor mixes” in their bars and venues, they eventually took up the challenge of creating their own mixes too.

DMC was and still is that huge platform where DJs become Producers, where they too can have the acolade of having their co-DJs playing their mixes in their venues – what a rush!

DMCs mix team is ever growing. If you’re interested in mixing and creating mixes, the door is always open for you too. Send your mixes via to and maybe you too can grace a DMC Set in the very near future.