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Meet The Producers – Lucien Vrolijk

Meet The Producer

Lucien Vrolijk


My name is Luciën Vrolijk, born in 1967 and an official producer for DMC as of September 2019 when a mix created by me, “80s & 90s FAVOURITES” was released by DMC on “Commercial Collection DMC440 SEPT 2019”

I used to listen to “The Soul Show” by Ferry Maat and it’s because of that show I became familiar with DMC. I used to record the DMC mixes Ferry Maat would play on his show, on cassette. Still have several of those cassettes (somewhere.. hahaha). A DMC remix played by Ferry Maat that has ALWAYS stayed on my mind is the one of “Love To Love You Baby” sung by Donna Summer combined with “Romance” performed by David Cassidy. Still absolutely LOVE that mix!


‘Romance Lovemix’

David Cassidy ‘Romance (Let Your Heart Go)’

Donna Summer ‘Love To Love You Baby’



Cassette player mixes

I’ve always been into music, ever since I was just a little kid. My fascination for mixes and remixes started when I was very young. As far as I can remember I’ve been trying to create mixes and remixes since I was about 12 years old or so. My remixes were nothing more than me trying to create long versions of songs that didn’t have an official 12 Inch Version released. I used the single version and the instrumental version of a song; the instrumental version was quite often found on the B-side of the vinyl single. The editing was done on a mechanical cassette deck (also called cassette player), using the PAUSE button. Lord knows I’ve had that PAUSE button replaced many a times! A mechanical cassette deck has a PAUSE button that you push DOWN which makes the total ‘system’ (head, wheel etc.) that touches the actual tape in the cassette move downwards so everything stops. Push the button again and let it ‘come up’ so the total ‘system’ starts again. I’ve created megamixes that way too: crossfading two vinyl 12 Inches with a mixing table, recording it on the cassette player, using that to edit everything too. Of course those mixes were of very poor quality hahaha. All of those ‘handyworks’ have been lost.

When my mechanical cassette deck broke down and I couldn’t buy a new one, because the mechanical cassette players had been replaced by electronic cassette players, where you don’t push the PAUSE button (and other buttons too) down but push the buttons ‘in’ and an electronic system makes the head/wheel/etc. go up towards the tape so it starts again, I couldn’t use the cassette player for mixing anymore. This because there was a ‘delay’ when pushing the PAUSE button and it made a little ‘gap’ in the recording that could always be heard when playing back the final mix.


MD-player mixes

Fortunately, Sony introduced the MD-player. So I bought an MD-walkman AND an MD-homedeck. I could create even better mixes now! I even started creating megamixes.. using the MD-walkman to create beat-loops and using the CD-player to put tracks ‘on top’ of the beat-loop, then recording it on the MD-homedeck and editing it. At that time I had a CD-player with 8% pitch-control and a pitch-bend button. The pitch-bend button I used for slowing down a track to keep it on beat, the same as I did with records by slightly slowing down the turntable using half of a wooden peg to keep it on beat.

Computer mixes – the first creations

And then came the computer! I recorded tracks with an extra beat-loop, the way I described above under “MD-player mixes” on my MD-homedeck and transferred them onto the computer. This was quite a time absorbing process as I had to record real-time. Then I edited the tracks using CoolEdit 2000 into a megamix.


Computer mixes – final creations

Several years ago I changed from CoolEdit 2000 to CoolEdit Pro 2.0 which I still use for mixing. It was in 2004 that I created my first megamix using ONLY the computer. Tracks were loaded into CEP 2.0 which was a lot quicker than transferring tracks real-time before. Now I could also use tracks found online instead of only rely on my own personal music collection. I even transferred vinyl 12 Inches from my own personal collection onto the computer to use for creating megamixes. “DMC Retro Chart Monsterjam The Eighties Vol. 4” has been created using only vinyl 12 Inches from my own personal collection!


Therefore this megamix also gives the listener a ‘look’ (actually a listen) into my personal music preference. And the soon coming volume 5 in this series “DMC Retro Chart Monsterjam The Eighties” has also been created using only vinyl 12 Inches from my own personal collection.

Broadcast of mixes on Dutch (local) radio stations

My mix creations have aired on many local Dutch radio stations. I’ve had a regular weekly mix-item for years on different local Dutch radio stations. Every week I created a new mix with 10 tracks and a RT. between 10 and 12 minutes.

For 8 years in a row I created a Christmasmix (RT. approx. 1 hour) with ONLY Christmas songs, which aired on many local Dutch radio stations. And last year, in 2020 my first Christmasmix was released on DMC: “Christmas Monsterjam volume seven” which includes 34 (!) real Christmas songs all performed by well known artists such as, Mariah Carey – Wham! – Christina Aguilera – Ariana Grande – DJ Bobo – Kylie Minogue with Mika – Will Downing – Rod Stewart – Justin Bieber and many more!




Then I was ready for the next step: REMIXES.

I’ve always wanted to do remixes too, but I guess the timing was never right. Last year, in 2020 I created my first remix: “Billie Jean” by Michael Jackson.

I came up with the idea for a “King Of Pop Remix Project” in which I would remix several Michael Jackson tracks. Most of those have already been released on DMC.

There is this list of artists I have.. artists that I want to do at least one remix of. On that list are Roy Orbison and Johnny Cash amongst others.

I already did 2 remixes of both artists:

  • “Only The Lonely” by Roy Orbison
  • “In Dreams” by Roy Orbison
  • “I Walk The Line” by Johnny Cash
  • “Ring Of Fire” by Johnny Cash

and all 4 remixes have been released on DMC.

On that list are also Frank Sinatra and Kenny Rogers. Hopefully I can do a remix of them too.. I just LOVE doing remixes of ‘Golden Oldies’ artists as I like to call them. A remix that doesn’t do injustice to the artist nor song. Just trying to reach a younger audience with songs of artists from yesterday that sold millions in their days. Trying to reach the public of today by doing a nice remix of their songs.


I’ve got loads and loads of ideas for new projects.. just lack the time to do them all. One project has been released by DMC already: Hot Summer Vibes. Last year 2020 volume 1 was released, this year volume 2 was released. Both concept (slow tracks that go well with a Hot Summer) AND title of the mix (Hot Summer Vibes) were ideas of me. Many thanks to Peter Roberts of DMC for believing in my idea!

“Hot Summer Vibes Monsterjam vol. 1”

“Hot Summer Vibes Monsterjam vol. 2”




More remixes will come from my hand. And more megamixes will be created by me. Long megamixes as well as short megamixes as featured on volume 1 of my own personal series “Producer Mixes Luciën Vrolijk Classix Mixes Series” for which many thanks to Peter Roberts as well.