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DMC Catalogue

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There are 1000s of DMC Sets available on hard copy CDs at and high quality digitally in 320 kbps and WAV copy on

For over 38 years DMC has provided a wealth of music to DJs for use in their venues and functions around the world.

DMC provides a huge resource of mixed and un-mixed music for a wide range of DJs. Mobile DJs, Club DJs, Presenters for Radio and Bedroom DJs who wannabe more! There is a plethora of genres to cater for worldwide DJs whatever their preference of musical choice to wow their customers and impress.



For instant digital copies in a personal account from DMC Download with a cloud back-up, go to:-

For hard copy on CD/CDr, go to DMC World Store on:- and place your orders. Orders are generally shipped first class or courier within a day or so. International orders too are subject to worldwide delivery conditions.

Start and top up existing collections, order on subscription to get them mailed on the day of release and keep permanently on top of all your new music and exclusive DJ mix releases.