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About DMC

DMC or Disco Mix Club Limited was created by Tony And Christine Prince in February 1983. Tony was the controller and DJ on Radio Luxembourg for many years and one of the pioneering radio pirates back in the day. From its initial beginnings from a mailout of a promo cassette outlining the “DJ Only Club” sent out in December 1982, it all began with the idea of putting DJs first and in the driving seat from within their venues, bars and clubs. Music is all and makes the moment and the personality DJ was now armed with wow factor moments in an era when few DJs could actually mix.


Disco Mix Club is primarily a megamix – remix label for DJs under (British Phonographic Industry) licence, which is not intended for the mass market but rather exclusively for professional DJs, mobile DJs and enthusiasts. The Disco Mix Club sells megamixes and remixes every month produced by other disc jockeys and producers, and published the weekly magazine, Update. The monthly Mixmag was initially published by the Disco Mix Club, but it was bought in January 1997 by the British media group EMAP, and is currently owned by Wasted Talent Ltd after being published by Development Hell for a number of years in the late 2000s.


The first disc jockeys who created the megamixes and remixes are among the best known:-

Alan Coulthard (who with DMC coined the phrase “Megamix” taken on behalf of the Disco Mix Club),

Sanny Xenokottas (Sanny X), Les Adams (The Mix Doctor), Chad Jackson

Dave Seaman & Steve Anderson (aka Brothers In Rhythm), Peter Slaghuis, Brian Butler, Mike Gray, 

Paul Dakeyne and Ben Liebrand amongst the early pioneers of DMCs DJ Art.

The “sets” started with the humble Cassette in 1983 for 17 months. DMC Issue #18 (July 1984) started the historic move to vinyl. It developed over the first 115 issues as cassette then to vinyl only but as we approached September 1992, the first CD was born opening with the all time classic Abba Megamix by “The Master” aka Paul Dakeyne. Vinyl and CD stood side by side and all over a decade before “digital” was even was even on the horizon. 

Cover artwork changed for both vinyl and CD sets and CD became a double and vinyl developed into four monthly vinyls over the years. With the advent of DMC Download and vinyls demise with the masses mainly because of soaring vinyl pressing costs as there became less and less pressing plants. DMC became reliant on the CD format developing into a double CD set each month and laterly a bi-monthly triple CD set. DMC Download has since been born and developed even further amassing who knows but around 15000 mixes, remixes, bootymixes and monsterjams. 

With the DJs needs becoming ever the more voratious, CDs and Download now support a multitude of DMC released monthly series of promo and customised themed releases. DJ Only Promo, Essential Hits, Club Hits, Dance Mixes & Dance Extra, Cool Grooves and multitudinous variety of Monsterjams were and still are produced in abundance to date every single week! 

DMC has followed and indeed led trends in music for nearly 40 years. As music styles changed and new genres developed, DMC has always been there as you will hear from DMC Radio’s Station output. You never know which classic from the vaults will come up next.

Variety is all and DMC offers so much to the DJ community for use in their clubs and venues and of course radio too!