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Back To Back DMC Mixes Playing Round The Clock.
Every month since 1983, DMCs Producers have relentlessly delivered great megamixes and remixes directly to DMC Members. With the advent of Internet Radio we present DMC RADIO for your listening pleasure! Listen to all these amazing mixes at DMC Radio – 24 hours a day. Alternating by the hour from classics to current, pop to party and urban to dance and more. A plethora of music defined by the greatest Artists in the World with the finest of mix creations from our legendary DMC Producers past and present. Eight huge decades and across all genres for each and everyone to enjoy. Listen now by clicking the pop up player and on from any device.    
Join the radio revolution “in the mix” now!

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DMC Radio v1

DMC Radio…. A radio station like no other.

Back to back DMC mixes and remixes – wall to wall – 24 hours a day!

Non stop mixes from the vast DMC vaults since 1983, many on radio for the very first time ever.

Global exposure to the masses for your listening pleasure.

DMCs Producers, for over 38 years, have relentlessly ever month,  been bringing DJs great megamixes and superb remixes from their clubs and venues

into your digital radio and devices, thus taking DMC into a brand new era of pure listening radio.

Back to back mixes, defined by the hour, throughout the day and across the week, in an ever changing myriad of music – you’ll never know what’s coming up next!

Check the guide play guide on the menu.       

Each 24 hour day has 24 different themes exploding into you ears, alternating every hour between current and classics with no DJs. Then, alternating by the day.

50s mixes to current, pop to party and R&B to dance every day and so much more.

A plethora of music, all defined by the greatest Artists in the World, with the finest mix creations from DMC Producers ever.

A radio revolution like no other!